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Swimming with friends

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Leggybird70 Thu 31-Mar-16 08:26:49

Hi my 10 year old son has been invited swimming today with older friends. He's not a confident swimmer only finished lessons in December which he hated. Am I being overprotective mum of an only child or am I right to be cautious? I want him to go and enjoy it but am worried he's not safe. What should I do? Help please

bruffin Thu 31-Mar-16 08:50:41

The rules at are pool for children swimming without an adult are over 8 and a confident swimmer.
Not sure what you mean by "only finished lessons" in december either. My dc didnt finish lessons until that got their bronze medallion in their teens. Are you somewhere like Netherlands where they have to get a swim certificate?

Leggybird70 Thu 31-Mar-16 09:13:04

No Uk.maybe I'll go along- don't want him to miss out and maybe it's what he needs to give him confidence rather than the formality of the lessons.

NotMeNotYouNotAnyone Thu 31-Mar-16 20:02:32

I take a group of guides regularly and they play in the fun pool, most of its shallow and there are excellent life guards

Depends on the pool and his friends really

(I remember going to a fun pool as a child and getting stuck in a wave bit out of my depth and being a weak swimmer was quite scared... But I wasn't in danger and I don't have any lasting fear)

Leggybird70 Thu 31-Mar-16 20:47:12

Thanku for that- it's helpful for next time. He actually decided he didn't want to go! So that was fair enough- we can't all like everything 😊

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