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9 yr old so moody and clingy

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peppajay Mon 22-Feb-16 18:18:33

My DD is 9 and has gone from a lovely sweet little girl to an angry unhappy clingy anxious child. She has always been very happy and social until this academic year and now things are getting tough she is really having to work at friendships and she is being pushed academically at school. She is full of attitude all the time is always cross and moody and won't go anywhere over night without me rewind a year ago ans she would have stayed anywhere without me she wouldnt have cared. She won't even go upstairs without an adult at the moment. It is like parenting a teenager with all the moods but at the same time a 3 yr old with all the tantrums and clinginess. I have noticed as well she is starting to develop on one side of her chest which to me seems really early so could all this angst be the start of puberty. She is a changed girl these days and I just want my stress free happy go lucky girly back.

Bookridden Mon 22-Feb-16 19:06:39

Hi Peppa. My DD is 9, and I can relate to much of what you say. I find it difficult to see DD changing from a carefree child to a moodier pre-teen. She is in Y4, and I will admit to being shocked at the difficultly and intensity of the school work and homework. I am noticing a definite diminution in her enthusiasm for school as a result of this. Sorry, that doesn't help you, but you're not alone!

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