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worry about DD

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Nimo13 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:13:44

My daughter has had issues in year 7 and issues had gone away but pending French trip is causing anxiety as the girl who was mean to her is going and wants to hang out with DD friends (not DD). One girl she's know since nursery has been off with her all week after she agreed to hang out with mean girl on French trip. Can see impending problems. Don't want to get involved but don't know how to support her. I can't explain the behavior of others so difficult to know what to say. Nursery friends mum is one of my best friends but already lost one mums friendship over mean girl, don't want to risk another (but I would for DD). Just worrying so much - don't know what to do

pippistrelle Fri 19-Feb-16 05:36:37

I have a daughter that age so I know that friendship fluctuations are an issue. When they occur, I wouldn't seek to intervene directly, but I do talk to my daughter about how she might respond, about how she can't control the behaviour of others, but that that doesn't mean she has to put up with just anything. She can ignore, she can laugh, she can call someone out on poor behaviour, and if something that tips over into bullying (and you can discuss with her what that might be), then she needs to tell a teacher on the trip.

I hope your fears turn out to be groundless.

Nimo13 Sat 20-Feb-16 07:52:38

Thank you for your wise words. Much appreciated.

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