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Internet Dating - pitfalls please!

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ScarletFair Wed 17-Feb-16 20:07:31

Hello all! My ex husband (four years) has decided to start internet dating. All well and good, especially for someone who is not internet savvy at all - so he claims! I have no issue at all if this is how he feels he needs to attract a mate. He is a workaholic who has little time for anything outside of work and keeping on top of his extremely bad back.

The issue I do have, however, is that he met someone, for the first time, BUT at home with our 9 year old daughter present. The date went on for several hours, at the former matrimonial home, with our daughter. This was the first time he met his date. My daughter shares her time with both of us, and he has intimated to her that she should be there for every first date. I find it worrying that he feels he needs her approval from the outset. I am not supposed to know, my ex has sworn my daughter to secrecy with explicit instruction not to tell me anything. Naturally, she feels very disloyal in having told me, and I'm caught between a rock and a hard place as I am appalled at the lack of sense or care, given the world we live in. My daughter is very innocent and I don't think this is a good role model either. Thoughts please?

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