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DD obsessed with minecraft vids

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Higuys22 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:29:05

My DD (10) is quite obsessed with minecraft videos (watches about 10 a day and more at weekend) and I can't take her tablet away because she uses it for school work.
I think I heard a few things in the news a while ago saying they weren't good but I would like to know from other sources.
Is it bad that she watches this many and what shall I do??!!

QueenofLouisiana Mon 15-Feb-16 18:22:20

The main you tubers producing Minecraft videos (Stampy, Squid, Dan TDM) are generally aware of their young audiences and don't swear or use violence. Others may not be so polite.
However, that's a lot of videos! We only allow internet where we can see what's on the screen- that way we know whether it's school work or not. No screens before school, only 45 minutes after school here.

RebootYourEngine Mon 15-Feb-16 18:31:02

Whose videos is she watching?

Some are more aimed at adults than children. My ds went through a phase of doing nothing but watch stampy and aphmau(sp). It took over his life so i had to restrict his tablet time.

Moln Mon 15-Feb-16 18:35:52

Block YouTube, and install kids YouTube ap on the tablet. It'll block the video games such as grandpa torture but she'll still get stampy et al.

She will need to learn to regulate herself in order to develop healthy internet usage (it's not going away so best she learns to use it) would she self time - say an hour a day on a school night?

sparkleonthedancefloor Mon 15-Feb-16 21:03:39

Grandpa torture??

BrandNewAndImproved Mon 15-Feb-16 21:07:47

My dd also ten is obsessed. She watches it on her tablet whilst playing with it on the PlayStation.

However I'm her mum and she can only watch it when I say she can. So weekend mornings fine have a binge, if we've been out all day and I don't mind her zoning out then fine. Ten videos a day wouldn't be fine for me.

LBOCS2 Mon 15-Feb-16 21:09:56

Yep, 8yo DSS LOVES his minecraft videos. We say he has to watch them through the YouTube app on the tv - and only when we're not using it. Seems to work ok.

NothingButAHoundDog Mon 15-Feb-16 21:15:51

It won't last forever. Eldest DS now 12 and can't be bothered with it anymore, despite being obsessed for ages. Youngest DS 7 still likes some of them but moving onto other things.
Agree with Moln they need to learn what is appropriate / not appropriate, ours have had quite a lot of input and monitoring.

meatliqour Mon 15-Feb-16 21:23:21

Not quite a pre teen here, but any advice on how to block certain things ie YouTube & just have kids YouTube?

Also anything scary, violent or pornographic on the Internet.

I have a 2.5 year old obsessed with watching people open kinder eggs FFS

All light hearted now but I'm worried he will click on something bad & easily get to unwanted websites etc

JudgeBooby Mon 15-Feb-16 21:30:09

My 10 year old is much the same, and has managed to indoctrinate his 6 year old brother in the process. I agree about downloading the YouTube Kids app, and deleting the mainstream version. There is some pretty graphic material (replicated Minecraft sex scenes - who would have thought!) that can come up, depending on what you search for. I don't think it's unhealthy in small doses, you just have to force them to take a break every now and then.

In my day (nearly 30 hehe), we had the many versions of Mario, Sonic...later on the PlayStation, and I can't say it did my generation any harm. Just has to be in small doses,

JudgeBooby Mon 15-Feb-16 21:31:00

Oh, my youngest also obsessively watches the 'opening an egg' videos. I find them very weird and they often have millions of views!

Moln Mon 15-Feb-16 21:40:14

Yes Grandpa Torture (or something like that). Some saddo (Dan?) has mine craft videos titled it. Grandpa torture will also lead to porn to, should it be googled seeking other of this dan's videos.

Shannaratiger Thu 18-Feb-16 11:28:30

DD and DS are obsessed with watching Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's. Markiplier and Dan DTM definitely rule in this house! Yes the sweating is bad sometimes but no different to what they hear outside.

Shannaratiger Thu 18-Feb-16 11:29:16

swearing even!

Lweji Thu 18-Feb-16 11:33:44

You can take her tablet and supervise her school work if you want.

DS is into games (surprise) and watches many of these videos, but for the most part he watches them to learn how to play the game, not just watch them.
Right now he's making his own. I don't mind it as much, as he's researching how to do them and it's more intellectually demanding than just watching them. Maybe she should watch his, as as far as I can tell he's not swearing on them. (just the once and he was told off, and it's in a different channel) grin
or actually not because I'd rather he didn't have a following

Pohara1 Sun 13-Mar-16 09:22:05

Mine are also hugely into minecraft and five nights at freddy's. DS watches gameplay vids, DD prefers the parody songs. They have a set time limit at weekends, and they take it in turns to pick the video. Weekday technology is mostly used for school work, with the odd video. Lego ninjago videos are also becoming quite high on the list of things to watch.

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