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Moving school

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Taya32 Sun 07-Feb-16 21:54:02

Need some advice! We moved house a year ago but didn't need to move the children's schools as we both work local to their current schools. However, we now live about 26 miles from my sons school. He is nearly 13 ( in March) and I'm worried he's to isolated. He doesn't have any contact with his friends outside of school, but they all meet up at weekends as they are local to each other. So I'm now considering moving him to a school closer to home to encourage him to make friend closer. The trouble is where we live is quite rural and there are no children out playing like in most areas. I just don't know what to do, there is no going back if it's the wrong choice. I've talked to him and at first he said absolutely not but now he's not to adverse to the idea I'm just not sure it's the right decision confused

tumpymummy Sat 13-Feb-16 18:15:17

If he is at a good school and doing well I would be inclined to leave him there. Is that what you were planning on doing before the friends issue came up? After all he is at school to learn and get good results. To be honest my son doesn't see a lot of his friends from school at weekends because his school has a massive catchment area so kids can live miles away. He talks to them a lot via social media though. Presumably your son is still doing that? Could you maybe have some of his school friends over for a sleepover at a weekend or during holidays? Could you also look at some outside school activities closer to home? That way your son could also make some more local friends?

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