Feeling like DD's emotional punch bag

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Campaspe Sat 30-Jan-16 18:34:48

I've posted this in chat, but I think it might disappear without any answers, so maybe this is a better place to post it. I don't normally "hang out" in this part of MN, but looking at some of the good advice, it might be my new most used forum!

I'm going through a stage of finding myself getting quite anxious and low about other people's moods. DD is 9, and has lots of mood swings, worries about friendships etc and this makes her miserable and sulky at times. Behaviour isn't bad exactly, but she'll have days where she takes no pleasure in any activities (even if arranged with her in mind) and finds fault with everything.

I react by getting upset (I know I should be more in control), and worrying that she could be ill or depressed, and trying hard to please her. Obviously, this doesn't work, and I end up feeling emotionally drained by it. It doesn't just happen with DD, but with other friend, colleagues etc, though their impact is much less as I don't love them as much!

So, how to stop the cycle and help her deal with her moods and me deal with my reactions to them (hope that makes sense). What are you sure-fire tips oh wise mums of MN?

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Dancergirl Sun 31-Jan-16 20:01:47

My middle dd is older (nearly 13) but I could have written your post! She's always been quite emotional but with the addition of hormones things are much worse. She'll cry or get in a strop at the slightest thing and her moods put a dampener on everything else.

Sorry no proper advice but you are not alone! Hopefully someone will be along soon with some better advice.

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