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singlemom2016 Thu 21-Jan-16 05:21:39

My preteen daughter lied about where she was going today. And I found at a high school boys house with him and his other friends. They were down in the basement with no adult supervision. My daughter is only 12 years old and I really don't no how to deal with this. I hope I'm using this right.

ChalkHearts Thu 21-Jan-16 05:33:13

I'd start by thinking why she lied.

Did she think if she told the truth you'd say no?

Did she think you'd overact?

If you've not got the kind of relationship where she can discuss stuff with you freely and trust you to make reasonable decisions then that's a bigger problem than the fact she lied.

singlemom2016 Thu 21-Jan-16 06:07:54

I believe she lied because she was with older boys. We have talked about boys and I let her have a boyfriend just last year. She knows she can talk to me about boys. At this moment she has locked herself in the spare room and we didn't talk about the situation yet.

singlemom2016 Thu 21-Jan-16 06:16:45

I only grounded her and took all electronics away. I thought I would buy some time to figure out the right way to deal with this.

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