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pocket money!

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madmotherof2 Thu 07-Jan-16 14:40:11


Ds is 12 and id like to start giving him proper pocket money. Up until now I've just bought what he needs ( he rarely asks for anything) but now that he's older, and wanting to go into town with friends etc I'd like to give him a set amount. I've also just set up an osper card for him.

How much pocket money do you give to your pre teens? Do they get any extras? Like phone contracts? Would you take these out of pocket money?

DS gets a phone contract of roughly £20 and PS online network ( works out about £4 a month). We give his little brother (7) £5 a fortnight and he also gets a magazine once or twice a month.

InMySpareTime Thu 07-Jan-16 15:53:42

My DCs (14 and 11) get £11 a month, from which they have to pay £1.50 a week (term time only) youth club subs.
They also earn £2 a month each for doing bins and vacuuming.
They both have PAYG phones but don't keep credit on them (they use wifi to IM people).
I try to encourage them to go out with their friends but the DCs round here aren't usually allowed out anywhere confusedhmm

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