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How to get DS out of house...

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NatFrenchie Thu 07-Jan-16 14:31:55

DS is 12 and in year 7. We moved to a coastal village near a main town at the end of year 5 (August 2014) which he wasn't/isn't very happy about. The problem I have is he won't join any clubs after school and because we live in a rural area, there is little opportunity for going to friends/having them to us after school because the children come from such a large catchment area some of them can be 10 miles away.

This means that all he does is come home, do homework and play on the Playstation/iPad or watch TV.

He is hormonal and argumentative a lot of the time too which I know is normal for his age, but I think that joining some clubs (either part or of or out of school) would be really good for him as he'd be able to meet like-minded kids and have some external interests. He is also struggling to get to sleep often which I suspect is down to lack of activity as they don't do as much sport as boys need at state schools any more.

Does anyone know how I can persuade him to have a go? Where we used to live, he saw his mates regularly after school and went to clubs. I don't know why he won't join anything now but it's been going on since we moved here.

Any advice gratefully received!

Lweji Fri 08-Jan-16 10:34:27

With my DS I insist he tries whatever first for a couple of months and then he's allowed to quit.
I'd probably give him a choice, or would choose myself if he doesn't.
Does he like any sports, arts?

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