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How to discuss this with DD

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BearsAndAngels Wed 11-Nov-15 15:09:45

DD seems to have issues keeping friends. It's not that she doesn't have any friends, she does, but she's never anyone's best friend and drifts from group to group.

I think I might be able to see what the problem is. Partly it might be because she neither has any real interests or excels at anything in particular (she is a good all-rounder, but not at all sporty). She has done various out of school activities but never stuck at anything.
The other thing is I think she tries to create a drama around herself to get in the limelight. Sometimes she stirs thing up between people (eg she might come by a piece of information and whereas as an adult you can clearly see it would be best to keep it to yourself, she will share it with the aggrieved part, also there was one some talk of moving which she 'bigged' up till everyone was swarming around her.

In my view she is a lovely girl, very affectionate towards me, and she has had friends (who have unfortunately all moved away), she is very 'normal'.

How can I help her? I know if I launch in with a 'why do you.....' she will immediately go all 'teenagery' on me...

twins2004 Thu 19-Nov-15 12:25:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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