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The YouTube App is a 17+. Is there a way to use YouTube with safe settings?

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SunnyPath Mon 19-Oct-15 17:49:44

My 12 year old daughter loves watching stuff on YouTube. She has recently had a new phone (my old iPhone) and I was sorting out the security settings for her but realised that the YouTube app has a 17+ restriction on it so we can't download it as I have made her phone only take 12+ Apps. I really don't want to change her phone to have a 17+ restriction on it just so she can watch YouTube. I wondered what other people do? It would be easier if the YouTube App security was set for a lower age and you could adjust the security settings once you had downloaded it.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 19-Oct-15 17:52:53

It's extremely easy to circumnavigate YouTube security settings. When the app was first released it was a 12, but it was investigated and the rating raised to reflect how poor the security is.

SunnyPath Mon 19-Oct-15 17:59:11

So there is not a way I can let my daughter watch it safely? She has to have all or nothing?

Joiningthegang Fri 20-Nov-15 23:51:52

Yes there is - on the you tube account you can change the settings - she might be able to get round it, but then agin she may not bother

HerRoyalNotness Sat 21-Nov-15 00:00:38

That will explain why the app has disappeared off DS1s iPad I guess. Mmm. There is also a kids YouTube but maybe a little young for your DD

kentishfrown Tue 24-Nov-15 15:12:09

I work for a company putting kids tv content on YouTube - all your favorites.

Apologies for length of answer - this has two parts, restricting apps and restrictions on YouTube

Restricting Apps

Enable restrictions and restrict the functions and apps you don't want her to have access to. If YoUTube is already downloaded this should allow her still to access it if you enable it that way.

Restrictions on YouTube

1. Take a look at the new YouTube Kids app that just launched. You can give your younger kids access to this and if you use the restricted search function it will prevent them searching all of youTube - that being said, be prepared to be pestered by your kids to get access to search back. To HerRoyalNotness' point it might be a little young for a 12 year old but if you enable the full search on YouTube kids it will still give access only to a cut-down of full YouTube and should screen out super offensive material.

2. OK - assuming that's a non-starter and she wants full YouTube. If you're giving her access to full YouTube consider allowing her to set up an account where the account holder's age is registered as 13 at set-up (the youngest authorised YouTube account holder setting) or linked to a Google account with a registered account user with an age of 13, the user will then not be able to watch any content pre-filtered for 17+ age limits. If she's using YOUR google/youtube account she will likely be able to see all content.

3. Go to the settings in the app, (the three vertical dots in the right top corner, then click on settings SAFE SEARCH FILTERING and restrict search settting to STRICT). Be aware you're kids may pretty quickly figure out how to change this. You can do the same thing on your PC version.

3. Ask your daughter what her favourite channels are, ask her to subscribe to them - it will mean that most of the content suggested to her will come from those channels which you will have already screened.

4. Consider creating playlists for her - it's pretty easy to create a playlist and add videos to it. To be honest if we thought there was a market for that we'd happily do it for Mumsnet. We do half a billion views on youtube a month and we work hard to make sure our content is appropriate.

4. Finally - consider that it's going to be nigh on impossible to fully protect your teenager from the internet. In my opinion and this is purely personal, the best policy is to make it clear that you have the right to look at ANY of their content on any of their devices, at any time, nothing remains private until they leave home. Even if they delete search histories you'll see from 'suggested' videos what they've been watching - the algorithm never forgets. Finally maintain an open and regular dialogue about what they're watching and how people are behaving with them on social networks. Asking them to opt out completely is just not a realistic option but you can ensure that they feel comfortable talking to you regularly about what they're watching and how they feel about it and what the impact of watching different things is going to have on them and how they can protect themselves before pressing play.

Hope that helps.


user1497165107 Sun 11-Jun-17 08:15:32

You can download Youtube++ app from TutuApp which doesn't have age restriction hence you will be able to install it.

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