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12 YOB watching DVDs all day and doesn't want to go out.

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Mrstittle3 Mon 17-Aug-15 15:54:22

Hi, I've got a 12 YOB who has just completed year 7. He is a sporty boy who plays for local football team and also likes cricket. He'll watch almost any sport on TV.
I am worried about him because apart from a one week cricket course and going out a couple of times with friends he has spent most of the holidays in his PJs watching TV or DVDs in his room.
He doesn't seem unhappy but not sure if it's normal for him not to want to go out or get dressed or whether this is just his age.
Any advice very welcome.
Thanks very much

cariadlet Mon 17-Aug-15 23:29:11

dd is also 12. She'll spend all day in PJs if she's in the house - but that doesn't bother me.
If I let her, she'd also spend all day watching TV or on her laptop. I let her have a couple of programmes in the morning, a bit more TV in the middle of the day and then again in the evening. I watch what she's up to on her laptop. If it's something purposeful (eg looking for pictures for a scrapbooks that she's making) then she gets longer on it, but if she's just playing a game then I don't let her go on for so long. She doesn't have a tv in her room, and the laptop is also downstairs.

dd will moan when I tell her no more screen time, but then she'll find something else to do. She mostly sees if anybody is playing out, but she might read, get out some of her old toys or even choose to spend a bit of time with me.

I think a lot of children will turn into complete vegetables if given the chance - but I'm being a strict, old-fashioned mum and staying in charge (while I still can wink)

MrsMouse03 Tue 18-Aug-15 09:48:27

Thanks very much cariadlet, sounds like he is completely normal. I think I will have to limit his screen time and ask him to walk the dog or go out to the park for an hour and then he can have more time.
I wish I could get him to spend time with me, he doesn't like to be seen with me these days in case his friends see him, nice isn't it!

BackforGood Wed 26-Aug-15 00:55:47

Fairly normal not to want to hang around with your Mum , at 12.
Also fairly normal not to have got into arranging things with mates (this doesn't seem to kick in until about 15/16 if my older 2 are typical).

If they are allowed to be on screens all day, then I think also fairly normal to do so - if you want them to get off their backsides and do anything, then you need to make the alternative less attractive wink

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