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4 year old 'dramas'

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Ormally Thu 23-Jul-15 18:21:18

Sorry, probably not the right age group for posting this, but help! DD is coming up 5 and off to school in September. She is looking forward to this but nursery has now stopped. She is going to a childminder for a couple of days a week until then though, which she has done since quite a young age.

She is reacting to almost every small matter with a fairly touchy response at the moment and if she thinks she has been 'told off', or is asked to hang on a minute, then we have prolonged sessions of wailing. They are occasionally fake but so enthusiastically entered into that they result in hiccups etc eventually. It's the same for both her Dad & me depending on who she is viewing as bad cop at the time. We try to stay calm about it and give no reaction to the behaviour aside from just essential interjections but honestly, this can go on for ages! What do we do to move this phase on?!

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