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12yr old shopping

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bigpaws Sun 21-Jun-15 17:15:14

Please help. Where can I buy trendy clothes for a very slim 12yr old girl? Our opinions are differing as to what is acceptable.
Need summer wear and beach wear. Please talk some sense into me. I want her to look and feel good without her looking vulnerable.hmm

ragged Sun 21-Jun-15 20:10:07

Don't quite know what vulnerable means, emphasising cleavage maybe?

Primark for us, every time.

irregularegular Sun 21-Jun-15 20:11:32

I have a petite just turned 13 yr old. We are mostly shopping in New Look's teen range and Zara these days.

shebird Mon 22-Jun-15 09:10:42

New look
River Island
All cater for this age range. Is it perhaps swimwear you are concerned about? DD wears board shorts with a cropped swim top or if she's feeling self conscious she just throws a cheap vest top over her bikini.

Heartofgold25 Tue 23-Jun-15 10:52:12

Mango have a great pre teen range as do Zara. Upper end Abercrombie always a hit if you choose wisely in the sales and avoid the crops and super short shorts.

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