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10 year old home on his own once a week?

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Nena7 Thu 11-Jun-15 13:32:36

Hi, it would be helpful with some thoughts on this.

My son was 10 in May, he is a sensible, responsible and resourceful boy.

He will start Year 6 in September and we are re-considering our childcare options (he has 2 younger siblings). We are considering letting him come home from school once a week, after his after school club, so this would be about 4.45, and then be on his own until about 6-6.30pm the absolute latest. My husband has flexible hours so more than likely, it would not be every week but probably once every other week.

We live in a medium sized village.

It seems most of his friends' parents are either at home or have some sort of childcare arrangement.

I feel he would be capable of doing this and think it would be a good, soft start for him in preparing for more independence but it would be interesting to know other's thoughts.

Thank you!

Quartermass Thu 11-Jun-15 13:40:59

I leave my 10 year old for that kind of period on occasion and would be happy with this, especially if there are neighbours around he can ask for help from if something goes wrong, and he has both parents' phone numbers. Coming home from school fine unless very bad roads or walking through a lonely dark area or whatever. Could he walk with friends?

Seeline Thu 11-Jun-15 13:53:37

I leave my 10 year old for that sort of time quite happily. She also walks home from school on her own (although not at that time). Strangely I am not sure if she (or me) would be happy with letting herself in to an empty house. She would certainly need to ring me to let me know that she was home. I would also not be happy with her walking home in the dark, once winter sets in. I'm not sure she would like coming into a dark house on her own either. Depends on how your DS feels about it all really.

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