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Keeping summer happy for both children

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Heartofgold25 Wed 10-Jun-15 09:48:16

When my children were young, we did everything together in the summer holidays and had a wonderful time. I cherish the summer days together and wonderful days out. Now my dd is 10 she is not interested in farms, days out, play parks etc and has outgrown almost everything we used to do together. I know she loves sports, so I was thinking to book her tennis, sailing etc with her friends, however it leaves me with my youngest one who will miss her sister terribly if we go out without her, and my youngest dd is a little young for lots of clubs etc. Any ideas? Suggestions?
I could organise some play dates with little dd's friends, which I will definitely do but can't do it every single day. I wonder how others managed this period in their children's lives?

Andro Wed 10-Jun-15 12:09:58

What's your age gap? I have a boy and a girl 4 years apart, they've always had different interests so we do a mix of separate and together. Things like theme park or beach are usually well received by both, but ds is at his happiest covered in mud and/or collecting bruises while his sister prefers gentler (and cleaner) persuits.

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