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DD aged 8 starting to get a bit whiffy

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gointothewoods Sun 07-Jun-15 21:40:23

DD turned 8 last month.
I've noticed in the last few weeks that she smells of BO under her arms, no signs of development in any other areas.
I'm encouraging her to shower more often and to wash various areas more thoroughly. Just wanted to ask, is this a sign that she maybe developing early? She does have a very curvy waist and bum, but she was always like that. Not sure what I should be looking out for.
Also trying to introduce the idea to her that she might be becoming a woman - but not sure what to say. Already have told her to wash herself more thoroughly in certain areas and she knows that women can bleed and not to be scared about it.
Just nervous about how far to go with it - would appreciate advice. My mother told me nothing and I won't go into detail about what happened re my first period for fear of outing myself.. But would not like the same situation to be my daughter's experience.

WanderWomble Sun 07-Jun-15 22:00:21

Is she getting any hair? Maybe provide her with a gentle deo she can use before activity?

gointothewoods Sun 07-Jun-15 22:18:53

no pubic hair as yet.
Not really concerned about the whiff, more about the potential for period arriving. Just not sure how much to tell her just now.. Hate the thought of her getting her period very young.

BetsyBell Sun 07-Jun-15 22:21:59

A friend said that switching from normal to organic milk helped with early BO.

MinionDave Sun 07-Jun-15 22:24:02

Watching this with interest, my DD is 9 and I've noticed she is getting a bit whiffy after dancing etc. She also has curvy hips and bum but no other signs of puberty. I try and discuss periods etc so she does have a knowledge over what's going to happen but she would rather not think about it at the moment.....

AlpacaMyBags Sun 07-Jun-15 22:27:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FructoseTart Sun 07-Jun-15 22:28:08

I'm currently going through this with DD who has just turned 7 but she has pubic hair also. Age 8 is around the time to start puberty in females as it takes about 2 years from first stages to periods starting apparently.

One thing the doctor asked me to do with dd was check her nipples for any lumps and this will determine breast buds which means she is developing. DD is having to go for tests though as she has literally only just turned 7 so started when she was 6 as it could be a hormone imbalance. Her moods are foul and she is also whiffy sometimes.

I buy her little cans of things like Charlie body spray, and use a roll on every morning. She doesn't think anything of it at all and knows it's because her body is growing into a big girls body

SparklyStone Sun 07-Jun-15 22:28:12

Try Missy deodorant (you can get it in Boots and Tesco), it's a range for younger kids. My 7 year old has had to start using it, though she doesn't like the smell of the younger roll on one, and gets the slightly older spray version. Sadly she has started to get pubic hair sad

gointothewoods Sun 07-Jun-15 22:35:19

Oh brilliant thanks for the suggestions re the body spray.
And the checking for the buds.
I've been telling her about washing more often (previously she bathed with her younger brother so need to change that scenario)..
Just freaking out a bit about the possibility that she is developing early. Thanks for the reassurance.

CamelHump Sun 07-Jun-15 22:37:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dancergirl Sun 14-Jun-15 08:59:06

Watching with interest. My youngest de was 8 in February and also gets a bit whiffy. She also has curvy hips but no other sign of any other development just yet. I'm worried she's heading for early puberty, very surprised that 7/8 year olds can get pubic hair but I suppose that's within the normal age range these days.

Does anyone know how it can vary with sisters? Dd1 started her periods at 11 and a quarter, dd2 is 12 and a half and started to develop but no periods yet. Wondering if dd3 is going to be much earlier.....

mrsm43s Tue 07-Jul-15 10:43:18

Both my children (DD and DS) started getting smelly armpits in the summer of age 8. I was a little surprised, as it seemed a bit early. They both need deodorant on hot summer days or if running around a lot, but they don't sweat enough to need to put it on on non PE days outside the high summer season.

DD is now 10.5 and has in the last 6 months developed breast buds and the odd stray hair down below - but no hair under arms. I'd say she's a good year or more away from starting her periods, so not what I'd consider early puberty at all.

DS (9) is still very little boyish in his physique, no signs of puberty at all.

So I think that 8 year olds getting a bit whiffy in the summer is more common that you think, and not necessarily anything to be concerned about, or linked to early puberty.

Hope that reassures you.

mathanxiety Tue 14-Jul-15 06:02:10

You could get her a book called 'The Care and Keeping of You' published by American Girl Press. It explains puberty but not sex (iirc) and it is very practical, helpful to parents wrt DCs needing to shower more often and use deodorant, and full of good advice about eating a good diet, getting plenty of sleep, etc. It goes through all the upcoming bodily changes and is very reassuring and practical about periods (e.g. if you are caught short somewhere, use a folded up sock) and spots and all the other delights of the early teen years.

Dancergirl, the age range for two of my DDs was 11 -- almost 16. The other two fell somewhere in the middle.

Chimchar Tue 14-Jul-15 06:57:14

I bought this book for my dd when she was about 9. It's perfect in terms of being very gentle about periods, growing up in general. Ideal for younger children. My dd loved it, and still digs it out to read through.

DoctorDonnaNoble Tue 14-Jul-15 07:08:36

Sisters aren't necessarily the same. I didn't start my periods until 13 1/2, my little sister was 10. Just. However, she has always been heavier than me. I think (don't quote me on it) that there's some research that suggests that periods will come when you hit a genetically determined weight. I had to wear bras a good two and a half years before I started my periods, puberty can be a long process for some girls!

nowwearefour Tue 14-Jul-15 07:11:57

I have two dds and from my experience and those of my friends it seems v normal. There is a deodorant (not an anti persp) called 'kidz' which is aimed at exactly this sort of age and isn't stuffed full of v v v v horrible things. I encourage my dds to wear it when it is hot in the summer. And to shower each am. No sign of anything further in my 8 yr old and my 10 yr old is just starting to get the buds so seems fairly normal to me.

Missdee2014 Tue 14-Jul-15 07:19:28

Definitely normal. My dd2 started to get a bit whiffy just before she turned 7! Took her to gp who reassured me it was nothing to worry about. She's shown no other signs of puberty at all thankfully. Dd1 is 11 and has to wear a bra and also has some pubic hair but doesn't get smelly at all. Granted both girls now shower daily and occasionally twice a day if they've been running around a lot or it's been hot. Both wearing roll on deodorant too as I can't make dd2 wear it if dd1 isn't also when she is older than her iyswim.

defineme Tue 14-Jul-15 07:28:19

The Nhs states girls begin puberty between 8 and 14- so not early and it doesn't all happen at once. My dd was smelly at 8, first pubic hair at 9 and breast buds at 10.
I agree that books are great. My dd likes 'what's happening to me?' The girls pink edition.

bec3105 Tue 14-Jul-15 10:16:05

There's a good book called What's Happening To Me? They do a girls version as well as a boys one.
Have a read of it yourself first

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