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Angry DS

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hulksmum Fri 22-May-15 11:22:16

Hi, not too sure of the best place to put this, so i've put it here and in parenting - I'm looking for advice from people who have been there and got through the other side and now have a well rounded child.

My DS (9) has anger issues. He will swear black is white and vice versa. He has a very competitive attitude and always wants to win or have the last word. He can be very off hand and doesn't like to talk about his feelings or how his bahaviour impacts on other people.

This attitude does not spill over to school.

DH and I have started being firmer with what type of attitued we expect from him - picking up when it's not acceptable. Putting firmer boundaries in place and also making more time for him (and the other DC) with fun activities that we can do as a family to start enjoying our time together.

What i suppose i'm wondering is, does this work, will it work, has it worked - should i be being harder/softer, more in control, less in control of his actions - i feel just a little bit lost and we so want to get it right with him while we can and still have an influence over him.

Any advice gratefully received

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