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Pre-teen boy

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jools007 Wed 22-Apr-15 07:03:08

Hi everyone. I'm very new to this site and its taken me ages to find my way around. I need support. I have an 11 year old boy, 12 next month. He is smart, strong, talented, good looking, sporty, funny and a mummy's boy ....... sorry, he WAS all those things till 12 months ago. The behaviour is at its peak. Nothing major? Swearing, finger gestures, shouting, kicking the dog, deafness (really, he doesn't hear me), refusing to do stuff unless its stuff he wants to do. He is unable to control his anger, he has been spoilt by this father (who is a high ranking police officer and is also struggling to discipline at this point). We are divorced. I am huffing and puffing as I sit here. The meltdowns are becoming daily rather than weekly or monthly. I am doing everything that I am told to do but nothing is working. Today, he threatened to small my face in because I wouldn't get him hot chips????? Im tired, Im heartbroken, Im frightened for the future. Thanks for listening. Jx

jools007 Wed 22-Apr-15 07:05:19

he threatened to smash my face in, not small. Sorry its been a long day!!

mummymi Sun 10-May-15 19:54:43

Jools i feel your pain. my son is 12 and for the last couple of years his behaviour can be awful. Had, what felt like, a major incident today. He took money from my purse to go to the shop and buy a drink, he said i had agreed he could. i shouted at him, he shouted at me and i told him to get out. eventually he returned home and admitted i hadnt said he could take the money so i told him that was stealing. He then tried to run out of the house. he said he doesnt want to live with us anymore, he wants to live with his dad because we always shout at him. He never takes responsibility for his actions and thinks we are all out to get him! He changed his mind and says he does want to live with us but my partner is getting sick of it. Dont know what to do!!

BG2015 Mon 08-Jun-15 22:54:43

I have a 12 yr old boy (also 15 boy too) who drives me mad! He's clever, funny, popular at school. He's good company and I love him to bits but then he will snap and the red must comes down and he doesn't see sense.

His brother knows how to wind him up and away he goes. The swearing and anger worry me.I've tried removing things, turning off the wi fi, etc nothing works.

I'm divorced, regular contact with dad and supportive of each other. He's had some counselling in managing his anger but nothing seems to work.

I'm at a loss. He's such a lucky boy in so many ways, he just can't see it.

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