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Hormones or something else? 11yo dd.

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xenzani Mon 15-Dec-14 09:26:45

I believe dd1 is close to starting her periods. She moved up to secondary school September and has a good group of friends. Seemed to settle well.

However, she has gained a fixation on one of her teachers and seems to always need to tell her stuff. Teacher uncomfortable with this as it is bordering obsessive. Dd told to stop. In the last six or so weeks she has been telling people she is depressed and has anxiety. When asked by myself about it, she said she wasn't really and had googled it. Says she cuts herself to her friends and apparently threatened to kill herself. Says to her friends that no one loves her or cares about her. School are helping where they can and have spoken to her about the teacher thing and may give her some counselling in school if they feel she could use it.

She has a younger sister who is waiting to be assessed for ASD and I think she struggles somewhat with that but have explained to her whats happening and why her sister may be like she is. Dd2 attends a PRU part time and I think dd1 sees this as a fun place and is jealous.

I spend time one on one with dd1 doing things she wants and have planned a huge shopping trip just me and her when I get paid January.

She is acting ungrateful and spoilt and while she doesn't get everything she wants, she does get some although sometimes she has to wait a little while.

I do think it is mainly hormones but a part of me wonders it is something else. There is a huge family history of depression on both sides.

Debating a drs appt for her but don't want to waste time nor have them say it is just hormones.

Heyho111 Mon 22-Dec-14 15:37:36

You won't waste a gp's time. They will be grateful you came.
Part of teen /pre teen development is that they are incredible egotistical especially with parents. It's worth checking out.
I'm asking tentitively that if she becomes obsessive about teacher etc is there a chance she could also have ASD traites. I think councelling would help her also.

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