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Sleepover for 9/10 year old girls!

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LingDiLong Sun 14-Dec-14 13:06:51

In a moment of weakness I have agreed to a sleepover for all the girls in my DD's class! If they all accept then that would mean 8 girls in total including DD.


I won't be able to take them out anywhere as they won't all fit in the car and DH will have been dispatched off to sleep somewhere else with my 2 younger kids.

So how much organising do you think I should do? They'll be arriving at 5pm and then I've asked for them to be picked up around 10am the following morning. I'll give them dinner and breakfast of course.

DD has asked for 'spa' type activities! No idea where she got that from though, she's never been in a spa!! Other than that I was thinking of having some back up activities like cupcake decorating and crafts and some DVDs but only bring those out if it looks like they're needed.

Any other survival tips?!

Gumnast2014 Sun 14-Dec-14 13:32:13

We had one. 9 girls.

Picked up at 3.20 took them home. Went for walk in local park and a play
Came home.

Made pizzas and has buffet type tea.

Got plain t shirt from primark and they all decorated them for nightdresses then done some other crafts. Canvas portraits.

Then they done each other's nails.

Made pop cakes, done a chocolate fondue thing which they all loved.

Went up to dd room had a disco with disco lights and music.

I let them be children, ignored the bickering, tale telling and noise.

They eventually slept.

In the morning they helped tidy up and they all helped tidy and make breakfast big fry up gave them all jobs to do.

Then it was time for home. It was good but biggest tip is just to ignore the noise!!

Good luck

LingDiLong Sun 14-Dec-14 18:42:10

Thanks Gumnast - that sounds like the kind of stuffed I'd planned. Glad it all worked out! I'm not bothered about the noise and the lack of sleep - just hoping for no dramatic falling out!!

Heyho111 Sun 14-Dec-14 21:09:03

When I did it we filled the time with
Pizza making
Face masks
Nail painting
Crafty stuff sticking glitter etc
Girly film
Pop corn
And expect them to sleep. Another tip if you do it again. Do it on a Friday night that way it doesn't take over the whole weekend.
Good luck.

LingDiLong Sun 14-Dec-14 21:16:53

Thanks Hey! I wanted a Saturday cos I work as a childminder and don't finish work until 6ish usually. I know I'll be knackered and grumpy and much less amenable to noise and a late night after a day dealing with noisy toddlers!!

Plus the Saturday is her actual birthday so we can avoid doing a treat for friends and another treat on her actual birthday which can work out quite expensive.

I just hope enough kids can come - always a risk having a party over the Christmas holidays.

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