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10 YO DD Doesn't Want to Go to School due to "Friend"...low level but daily nastiness

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Bumbiscuits Tue 18-Nov-14 14:25:04

My admittedly sensitive 10 year old girl is one of only 7 girls in her class. One girl has a bit of a pick on her.

She regularly puts my DD down, e.g. negative remarks about new school shoes/coat/schoolbag. She'll whisper a "secret" in the other girls' ears and ask them not to tell my DD. If another girl or boy is chatting to DD in the playground this girl will intercept and pull them away. DD got a watch for her birthday from her sister. The girl said to all the girls in class that she'd seen it half price in the sale over the weekend (not that it matters, but it wasn't, and DD was hurt).

This girl is the self-proclaimed best at dancing, singing etc., the most beautiful she absolutely isn't, not that it matters , reckons all the boys fancy her because she's the most mature and has started getting boobs and pubes hmm. My DD has a couple of boys in the class who are friends but not at the fancying stage yet, unless you count Niall from The Wandies.

This morning she burst into tears saying she didn't want to go to school because Gemma was so nasty. She has other friends in the class and in other classes in her year so I hugged my DD and told her to stick with them and ignore Gemma who must be a bit of an idiot (my words to DD) if that is how she behaves.

How do I handle this. I only had to speak to school 2 weeks ago about another girl who was taking the piss of DD because of where her dad is from sad saying she hated people from there. School handled it well and immediately, I must say.

This is low level but ongoing since September. I know Gemma's mum but not very well. I wondered if I should just phone her and how to start the conversation or just speak to the school again? It is parents' evening next week. My other thought was to make a point of saying "hello, how are you, Gemma" with a big smile and mad staring eyes in the morning in the playground. I don't normally go to the line in the mornings but thought maybe my presence will support my DD and maybe let Gemma know I'm on to her, without saying anything.

I'm glad I'm not 10 any more, it is a rotten age for little girls and friendships.

AChickenCalledKorma Wed 19-Nov-14 19:20:56

It's bullying ... and it's anti-bullying week. Sounds like an excellent time to go and speak to school, especially if they handled things well before.

I wouldn't try and deal with it yourself. It sounds like the girl in question is quite subtle and might just get even more subtle if she realises you are onto her. Which could be just as bad for your DD and harder for the school to pick up on.

(Also, if Gemma is a real name, you might want to consider whether you want this much detail on a public forum. If anyone from your daughter's class is on here, she would be quite easy to identify.)

Bumbiscuits Wed 19-Nov-14 20:59:11

I made the name up.

It is bullying, isn't it? Since I've posted there's been no more incidents. I have an appointment with the teacher next week so I'll mention it then, providing nothing new happens in between.

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