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Learning how to break your wrist or ankle on youtube

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Natjan Mon 03-Nov-14 13:54:48

This weekend it was brought to my attention that children are looking up how to injure their wrists or ankle on youtube. The reason I know is because my DD was encouraged by a school friend to have a go and she did!! She's not broken anything but it is bruised. I was livid - talked to my DD about how stupid it was etc message got through loud and clear. I then investigated youtube and was horrified to see lots of children trying to hurt themselves!
What is your reaction on this?
Some say it's just kids being kids and just trying to show off, silly prank. My DD is 11 and I'm just trying to get to grips with this internet, youtube lark. They can access so much and get upto so much.
Am I over reacting on this? Perhaps I'm naive and it's what to expect these days??
Thoughts please. Thanks

DomiKatetrix Mon 03-Nov-14 17:38:54

I used to do this at that age blush half to experience it and half thinking 'no writing in school'
Tell her it's silly and could be something that affects her for the rest of her life.
I didn't break anything either btw.

brotherphil Sun 30-Nov-14 11:19:41

This does give you an opportunity to discuss appropriate examples; "if so-and-so jumped under a bus" strikes me as the conversation to have.

Don't forget that there should be a link to flag or report inappropriate videos - Youtube often seem to remove innocuous stuff and leave bad stuff up, but they do have policies against self-harm, etc. You can always keep an eye on what DD watches, then go on later and report anything that needs it.

HowsTheSerenity Sun 30-Nov-14 11:24:02

I wanted to have a cast like Natalie (the popular cool girl in my class). She broke her leg playing hockey. EVERYONE got to sign her cast except me and the other dorky girl. So what did I do? Jump off the roof of the house.
Didn't get a cast. Got a bandaid for the small cut.
Stupidity exists across all ages, generations and time periods.

splendide Mon 01-Dec-14 08:04:35

I remember spending a morning trying to throw myself down the stairs to hurt myself so I could have time off school (was bullied). Didn't work.

tostaky Tue 06-Jan-15 23:12:20

We "stole" our teaspoons at lunchtime to rub them on the bone of our wrist to make it go black so we could avoid PE....
Normal iwould say. But how did she do it? Some ways are "safer" than others.

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