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Any advise for a 'Day dreamer'?

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swarskicat Thu 16-Oct-14 17:45:30

DS is a day-dreamer - always has been. He is now 10 and in year 6 and we have been to another parents evening where we are told that he has an amazing imagination, is doing ok in all subjects but his workload is incredibly variable. Apparently he can produce pages of work some days, but mostly a couple of scrappy sentences which are often barely legible. His teacher is concerned that he will not do as well in his SAT's as he should - hie current maths scores vary from a strong 5a down to a 3a! SHe is not worried about the SAT's for their own sake (not a pushy school), but says it is likely to affect the set he goes into when he does to secondary school next year.

He is the same at home. Either the first dressed, eaten breakfast and ready to go or stares at his breakfast for 20 minutes and when asked what he is doing says he is 'thinking'. He has great concentration when he wants to and can spend hours on the same task or reading.

Any advise? Or will he always be a day-dreamer?

Carrie5608 Fri 17-Oct-14 09:57:18

I am not sure what the answer is. Is it worth looking at glue ear or ADHD or auditory processing just in case. Can the teacher not set targets ie. you need do this by 10am this by 11am? Could you use a sand timer.

Having said all that. This was my brother. Drove DM to distraction. He now has a degree, a job a wife and 3 Dc. He is still very laid back but he gets there in the end.

Anyhelpwelcome Thu 06-Nov-14 09:29:33

Don't worry too much about the sets he will be put in when he gets to secondary school. With my eldest son (year 9) he did a Midyis test on his induction day at his secondary school and because of the delay in receiving the primary SAT results the children are grouped by the results of the Midyis test. Having said that my other son has just gone into year 7 and they didn't do the Midyis test on the induction days but was supposed to have been given it by their year 6 tutor. I've only just realised this as my son got all 5s in his SATs and was one of the top in the class yet was put in lower sets than that of children who were always at a lower level to him in primary school. I contacted the school and they said the children are grouped by the KS2 data and as they hadn't received the SAT results they go by the Midyis results. Our children didn't do it so I emailed his SATs results through and he has now been moved up. Not sure if all schools go about things the same way.
My elder son was a bit of a dreamer sometimes. A teacher said once he looks like he isn't listening to me at all sometimes but he must have been because he always comes out top in his assessments! He is in top set for everything now. So try not to worry too much.

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