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12 year old dd wants an American girl doll...

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MindCandy32 Mon 18-Aug-14 13:45:06

Hi all,

My daughter turned 12 a few days ago and got a bit of cash from relatives which I have stuck in her bank, she has asked me if she can buy an American doll girl which comes to about £70 not leaving much money at all left.

We have been having discussions about it as I think buying a doll for that amount of money is just mental and I think in a few months time she won't be playing with dolls much, if at all.

Dd is adamant she wants it and although she has been talking about one for a while after watching a few you tube videos on them, I think its a phase just like the sodding furby she realllyyyy wanted a few years ago then never looked at it again after boxing day.

Also we are saving hard to go to New York when we have the money and she initially said any money would be exchanged for dollars and put away for then, which she has totally forgotten now...

Dd would also like ink for her printer and expansion packs for her sims game which she could get and still have money for things in the next few months but she said its her birthday money, its not fair yadda, yadda.

Does a 12 year old really need a doll? Especially one so bleeding expensive.

Thanks for letting me waffle on and any advice appreciated!

Terrierterror Mon 18-Aug-14 13:52:35

They will probably be cheaper in New York. Would she agree to wait?Hopefully they'll also be surrounded by 6 year olds so she'll change her mind.

NotMrsTumble Mon 18-Aug-14 13:55:43

Dd got given one by an American relative around 3 years ago. A few of her other friends have since acquired them too. She has just turned 12, but in fairness still plays with them (gran provided a second one) I am still shock at how much they cost.

Maybe suggest she save her money to buy the doll at the American Girl shop in New York of she'd still like one by then? Definitely an "experience" rather than ordering one online (they also have a themed restaurant, though I think you have to book)

I find it all a bit twee and never really liked dolls but the American relative booked afternoon tea for us (& the doll - it gets its own seat and food --just weird--) dd absolutely loved the whole experience.

SavoyCabbage Mon 18-Aug-14 13:58:43

I would persuade her to wait till you go to America as she can pick it out herself then. She might change her mind before then but she must be quite interested if she's watching YouTube videos.

When my dd was 9 she wanted a dolls house and I read an article about how it was the optimum dolls house age.

MindCandy32 Mon 18-Aug-14 15:36:21

Thank you! I said we are going to pick it in New York and although she sighed a bit she agreed! So if she still wants one when we go there, she can buy it and save all that postage!

Thanks again

SavoyCabbage Mon 18-Aug-14 22:34:14

That's good. And if she does still want one, it will be much more fun doing it that way.

aubreye Tue 19-Aug-14 19:45:13

Got my DDs ones online. They are really cute and come with different eye colours and hair colours (DD2 even has hers with short curly blonde hair like her). Problem is, once you buy them, they want to spend all their money on the clothes, furniture and accessories instead of saving it up! They are cute though and kids play with them all the time. DDs want to split their money and buy either a Bitty Baby or Bitty Twins now angry

willowisp Fri 29-Aug-14 11:28:31

My DD (age 10) was a bit obsessed by them last year & we managed to buy one at a 2nd hand store for about $80. We bought quite a few outfits from Target which are considerably cheaper & generally a good fit.

DH bought her GOTY (girl of the year) from New York & father Xmas brought each DD one (2nd hand from eBay). We've now manage to collect about 8 of the things !

The clothes are very expensive, but lovely, I have to confess to getting a bit addicted myself blush .

There are lots of YouTube videos with the dolls 'doing things', films, books etc.

willowisp Fri 29-Aug-14 11:31:31

You can also buy display stands & might be worth checking to seeing if the seller can post in a small package to save postage..I think one of mine was $20 to post.

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