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Should i be worried about these periods..

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murphys Mon 04-Aug-14 12:32:00

Dd just turned 12. Started periods age 10.5yrs. For the past 3 weeks she is starting and stopping her period. So, she is bleeding for say 2 days, then nothing for 2 days. Then starts again for a few days and then stops again. There was nothing yesterday, now today she is bleeding again. It is not heavy, but just seems to be coming and going constantly.

She isn't really regular yet anyway, she can go two months without a period, so I am wondering if this is still in the settling down stage.

Buzi Thu 07-Aug-14 07:51:01

I am a GP. There is a settling down stage for sure and this is it also need to check it out I am afraid TO BE 100% SURE !

If she is plucky enough and you have a nice friendly female doctor she probably needs a chat and a once over.
Personally I would want someone to take a look and checkout her cervix etc.if it doesn't settle soon. It is very very rare but sometimes there is the odd kid that has something for no reason and it pays to be safe. the GP may also check her thyroid function...I have seen a 14 year old hypothyroid present like this and a GP locally had a kid with a weird cervical cancer who had never been active etc.
1. Don't worry...she will absolutely be in the 99% of "settling" downers
2. If you get it checked then you WILL KNOW all is well and will be able to cope with reassuring her and yourself.
3. If your GP is difficult or not approachable .You have the right to ask for a referral to a Paed or gynae...ask for it.

murphys Thu 07-Aug-14 08:44:35

Thank you Buzi.

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