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Ear piercing recommendations

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Aoconnor Sun 03-Aug-14 15:00:46

Can anyone please recommend a safe place to do ear piercing around Wimbledon or even in Central London? My 8 years old daughter has being really wanting to do it! Tks a lot

Clare's are good. My DD had hers done there yesterday. They do them both at the same time. Very clean and hygienic.

BloodFlower Sun 03-Aug-14 16:17:17

Please go to a proper piercing studio, not Claire's.

Why bloodflower? I don't follow piercing threads on here. But they were incredibly hygienic with new gloves, new aprons, washed in hot water in front of me, wiped the seat first with anti bac wipes, used new sealed equipment, wiped her ears carefully first etc. I don't understand?

I had mine done in a professional jewellers in Henley on Thames once an adult and their care wasn't any better.

What am I missing? Because I wouldn't want to recommend Clare's to a friend if you know something I don't confused

Fanjango Sun 03-Aug-14 16:35:11

Find a place that pierces with a needle. Less damage is caused to the area and it heals better with less chance of infection.

PolterGoose Sun 03-Aug-14 16:46:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Applelicious Fri 08-Aug-14 15:37:16

I've not been to Claire's. I took my DD to a proper piercing studio and they still used a piercing gun.
I think some people (including many mumsnetters) are extremely evangelical about using needles only for piercing. While I do see the research behind it, thousands of people get their ears pierced with guns all the time without any problems at all.
Some people prefer the piercing to be very quick and painless as possible. I think the gun provides that.

embox Fri 08-Aug-14 18:32:43

Clare's! Very helpful,lots of advice and lots to choose from smile

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