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One breast bud

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nikki1978 Tue 22-Jul-14 11:55:46

DD is 9 (10 in Sept). In the last year she has been getting some blackheads so I assumed the start of puberty was near. A couple of days ago she said there was something funny on her chest. Had a quick look and one nipple was puffy and had a lump behind it which she said was sore.

Assuming this is a breast bud is it normal to only happen on one side?

titabeth Tue 22-Jul-14 19:22:09

Myself and my daughter had one breast bud first. I still have one breast slightly bigger than the other. WhenIi was BFing one had more milk than the other. but it wasn't noticeable. -Definitely GET THAT LUMP CHECKED BY A GP, try not to worry your daughter, just say you're checking with doc about puberty. Good luck

Heyho111 Wed 23-Jul-14 06:45:21

Breast buds can appear separetly but are not painful or hard or lumpy. I would pop her to the gp.

AlpacaLypse Wed 23-Jul-14 06:52:11

My left appeared about six months before my right. Actually it was a bit sore, I can distinctly remember being upset because I used to like to sleep on my tummy and thought it would never be possible again. Quite apart from worrying that I'd only ever have one bosom!

It is very slightly larger than the other but not noticeably so.

GP for your peace of mind, but I think it's probably all okay.

combust22 Wed 23-Jul-14 06:52:21

My breast buds appeared one before the other, the lump described sounds very normal. My breasts were extremly painful to develop.

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 23-Jul-14 06:56:39

Yes to appearing separately. And yes to sore, my DD was v sensitive, she had to wear a crop top soft bra thing otherwise it was just too uncomfy rubbing on her shirt. My friends DD at one point wore plasters for the same reason. Soreness didn't last long I must add.

And it was hard too, I brushed against it tucking her in one night, was startled, felt like a dried pea!

My god daughter had one appear and then it disappeared for months before coming back.

But, it would do no harm to take her to the GP, just in a general health check up way.

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