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Hope dd is ok on school trip

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starfish4 Tue 22-Jul-14 10:44:33

DD is away with school for ten days abroad. Really nice things planned, teachers seemed nice, close friend has gone and others she knows etc. However, she has phoned three times (unlike her as she is the sort who can't wait to be away from us, no cuddles on departure, just off to have a good time sort).

Wasn't too concerned by the first two even though room arrangements had changed, lost some money, a bit bored and food just about edible. However, she phoned last night and said the food is awful and she was hungry at the time. Husband said she seems to want healthy food as had grabbed two bananas in a shop before anyone else could buy them (apparently they haven't been near any supermarkets to get more). She said she's really tired as well as others are talking past midnight.

I know she'll survive, just last night's message wasn't the best. Luckily I got a message to her via her ipod and told her if she needs to, to buy whatever she can to eat even if it's rubbish. They're coming back tomorrow and she was £20 for food on the ferry. They do things like sandwiches, pizza, bread rolls, fruit which isn't expensive

BellaVita Tue 22-Jul-14 10:52:13

All part and parcel of school trips I'm afraid... No home comforts grin.

I think it would be easier not to have any contact at all whilst they are away. DS2 went skiing and he rang me to moan about something. I told him we were here he was there and if he wasn't happy about something to tell a teacher as there is rock all we can do being at home.

He eats anything but wasn't in love with the food either.

Someone was sick over him on the coach going out too.

I am sure she will have enjoyed it. DS did despite him moaning.

Coconutty Tue 22-Jul-14 10:56:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieStella Tue 22-Jul-14 11:12:51

She might have grabbed bananas because they are readily identifiable.

I agree, this is the reason most schools ban phone calls. There is nothing to suggest anything amiss other than your DD not liking every meal and a bit of chat after lights out. Try to let it just wash over you.

starfish4 Tue 22-Jul-14 12:08:58

Thanks for your replies. School haven't banned contact, I know some are skyping, messaging and texting. She was away for a week earlier in the year without us and didn't contact us once, so wasn't expecting contact this time.

Although, she will be the first in the queue for crisps and chocolate, she always says she doesn't feel good if she isn't eating properly. At least I know she's tried to do what every parent would dream of and pick some fruit instead of sweets.

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