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Really bad period pains - but no periods

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Mummyof3xxx Thu 17-Jul-14 09:34:11

My DD is 12yrs old and for about the last 6-8 months she has been getting really bad cramping pains which last for about 3-4 days every 3-4 weeks. She hasnt started her periods even though the signs are there. I have taken her to the GP and he just said for her to take paracetamol and ibuprofen, which she is doing but they have no effect. She has a hot water bottle on her tummy aswell. She has had so much time off school because she can hardly move to go. Any other parents been through this and is there anything else we can do to help her?

LastingLight Thu 17-Jul-14 12:35:58

I would take her to a gynae, or at least a different gp.

stdmumihope Fri 08-Aug-14 07:58:07

I got severe period pains before I started my period. I had no idea what they were at the time. But I do remember the pain.
I can't remember how long this went on for or what we did about it as this was a long time ago!
Is your daughter old enough for Feminax? My sister suffers VERY badly as an adult, and Feminax gets her out of bed and leading a normal life. She has to take it as soon as the sensation starts. If she waits too long and the pain takes hold, it doesn't seem to do much.
Hope this helps.

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