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Toys? Too old? What should I encourage in my kids

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KahlanC Sun 13-Jul-14 17:20:28

My kids play with absolutely nothing, and I'm worried I need to be encouraging otherwise. Ds is 10, he has Lego, knex, cars, etc... All in tubs under the bed. He plays xbox, reads books, watches YouTube videos... Like most of his friends. I'm not horrifically concerned about him - he's always been the same, he does have healthier interests too (eg he will happily help cook, he wanted a new bike instead of anything electronic for his birthday, plus we go out a lot so he's not just indoors) but I just feel there could be more I should be encouraging.

My dd is 8 and loves toys... Till now. She has the doll/pet shop/sylvanians mix that her friends do, but she also has to have my attention, constantly. If I sit and play with her, all is ok - but to be honest that can't happen as often as we'd both like. If she has friends around she will do crafts, or play outside, but again it's not as often as she'd like. She never touches toys when she's by herself - and will just go watch tv which she never used to.

I'm concerned the issue here is she has too many - I've suggested to dh we take out nearly all bar a stackup of mixed bits, and give her a tub each week that changes - maybe the extra floor space and less options will encourage her?

Has anyone got any advice or experience please? I know both my children are perfectly happy when they have my or dh' attention, but it's when they don't that they seem to unable to play independently and I'd love to encourage it. I know not allowing electronics would possibly help but I've done this previously 'tv free weeks' no consoles etc, and they end up viewing the activities as a punishment and the electronics as a treat/reward.

foxdongle Tue 15-Jul-14 13:55:02

They're just growing up. We went out a lot too, it worked for us.

At that age my DD would play teachers and lots of fashion design/ craft art and still her baby doll , but never in public! I bought her a teachers marking book for Christmas (£3) and she played with it every single day. By the age of 10,hardly any toys, but they both still liked board games, cards, dominoes etc.

What about sporty stuff- the bike for ds is good, what about dd, does she want to bike ride? swimming? At that age my ds was into bikes, football, played hockey, mini golf etc. DD did brownies, joined St. Johns ambulance, had a bike, baking.
DD was always good at playing by herself, but ds always wanted entertaining.
rather than tv free weeks, we had and still do, screen free nights once or twice a week. If it's sold as fun, then it won't feel like punishment. (mine are dd12 and ds14)
On the screen free nights we all get to choose an activity probably lasting 15 mins each e.g. charades, taoc cards, a quiz, debate, a song, game etc etc. It's good for family bonding and self esteem too.

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