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gift for 11yo boy

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monkeytennismum Thu 03-Jul-14 23:24:43

Posting here as well as the health section, as I am welcoming all advice please...

We know a boy aged 11 who is currently recovering from a serious operation in hospital. We don't know him terribly well, but would really like to send him a few bits to pass the time during his recovery. Does anyone here have any advice as to what he might like / find interesting (I have no experience of children this age).

Many thanks in advance to anyone who offers suggestions smile

sanfairyanne Fri 04-Jul-14 00:01:37

loom bands are popular with all kids at the moment

LastingLight Fri 04-Jul-14 08:08:48

Could you find out if he likes reading and what kind of books?
Even a non-reader would like joke books.
We just bought our 12 year old a pocket knife and book on whittling for her birthday.
Top Trumps cards.

atticusclaw Fri 04-Jul-14 08:11:12

Amazon have a great klutz book to teach children how to draw star wars characters really well. That might suit and would be good for when he doesn't have visitors. I bought it for DS1 at Christmas and it was only about £6

traviata Fri 04-Jul-14 08:13:41

yy to klutz books - thumb doodles, origami, all kinds of ideas.

Comics - DS loves the Phoenix

donkir Fri 04-Jul-14 08:18:04

Joke books, loom bands (depends on child though my 12yr old ds isn't in to them but some of his mates are), Lego, top trumps, board games. We like labrinynth (game not marble run)

monkeytennismum Fri 04-Jul-14 21:44:31

Thanks very much, some good suggestions. I've never heard of klutz but their books look great!

slackcabbage Mon 07-Jul-14 17:02:47

Ideas here



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