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Discharge in 7 year old dd

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Dancergirl Tue 24-Jun-14 14:47:19

I have recently found what looks like a discharge stain in my 7 year old dd's knickers. I know puberty is getting earlier but surely this isn't normal?

She is the youngest of 3 girls - oldest started puberty about 10/11 and middle one is 11 and just starting a few changes now.

Is it worth checking with the GP? Or does it not necessarily mean puberty will be early?

Heyho111 Fri 27-Jun-14 00:43:50

Yes I would just to make sure. It will put your mind at rest if nothing else.

RiaOverTheRainbow Fri 27-Jun-14 02:40:47

Discharge usually starts several years before periods so I wouldn't worry, but double-check with the GP if you're concerned.

Dancergirl Fri 27-Jun-14 10:39:54

ria if this is the case dd would still be starting puberty/periods very early. If she was 9 and having discharge it's within the normal range, but 7?

Rassy Tue 01-Jul-14 21:38:55

My daughter was having discharge at this age and started periods at 12. I did take her to the doctors, they took swaps but everything was ok.

VenusDeWillendorf Fri 04-Jul-14 23:17:23

Dance girl, has she been swimming a lot?
It could be an irritation from the chlorine.
No need to panic as yet.

These discharge things come an go if it's hormonal, and it's normal.
I don't think you need to have her checked out as yet.
Just keep an eye on it and note when it seems to be there.
She could be reacting to all the other hormones in the house and starting something early herself, or she could just have an irritation, like thrush!

If she still got it continually for two months I'd go about it.

Madmog Tue 08-Jul-14 14:40:06

My daughter noticed herself at eight she had a discharge. She's nearly 13 (and although puberty is well under way) hasn't started her periods yet. Unless there are other signs of puberty, I wouldn't worry about it for now.

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