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What does your ds (12) do?

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FedupofTurkey Sun 22-Jun-14 11:48:17

most of his peers are into football, he isn't, he's happy enough bit I worry he's becoming isolated. He loves minecraft/cod. I encourage him to get fresh air, he plays with others, but struggles to join in as most of his peers/siblings are into football.

FedupofTurkey Sun 22-Jun-14 20:57:20


toolatetobed Mon 23-Jun-14 00:46:46

Would he perhaps get into another sport? One of my son's friends is not into football but has got really into cricket. My son is happy to join in a game of football, but has recently discovered rugby (union) and is now really into that. Some boys that age are into playing on their scooters at skate park type places.

FedupofTurkey Mon 23-Jun-14 08:51:11

He's not into sports at all!

What about music - guitar or drums or keyboard have more of the "cool" factor if its about fitting in and common interests, and there are group music activities and later the dreadful teenage "band" option grin

DottyDot Mon 23-Jun-14 08:58:09

ds1(12) isn't massively into football either but does love cricket, so has joined a local team which he's getting into.

Other than that, it's Minecraft and we got him a 'teen' bus pass recently so he's been enjoying going into the local town on the bus and buying bits and bobs, meeting friends and going to classy places like Subway for lunch... grin

Flyonthewindscreen Mon 23-Jun-14 14:50:23

My DS (12) doesn't like football or any other sports also and is very into his xbox/screens. However he does like playing out on his bike and is in the Scouts. He has got some non footie friends. Has your DS not met some likeminded non footie lads now he is in high school?

oneofthegiantsisme Mon 23-Jun-14 15:00:36

My 12yo DS is also into screens, Minecraft, any games we allow, YouTube, playing on his tablet - we try to restrict it a bit, but as long as he does his homework and isn't interfering with the rest of the family (i.e. other people can get to the TV/computer too), we don't fret too much.

He isn't into football, unlike most of his classmates, but goes to water polo & trampolining (just local leisure centre classes, nothing high-achieving). He's also in Scouts and loves that - especially camping.

We'd love him to be outdoors more, and play with other boys more, but it doesn't seem to bother him too much so we try not to worry.

Moid1 Tue 22-Jul-14 20:44:47

My non sporty DS1 (12/ nearly 13) does computing, mine craft, online card games (hearthstone), yougio cards, chess & goes through stages of warhammer

TheFirstOfHerName Tue 22-Jul-14 22:11:00

Animal Crossing on the Wii.
Playing the clarinet.
Jumping on the trampoline.

BackforGood Wed 23-Jul-14 21:01:32

At 12 (and right up to 18, tbh) my ds was into Scouts. Through that he did camping, hiking, kayaking, fundraising, travel abroad, camps local to home, pioneering, rifle shooting, archery, car mechanics, cooking, photography, football, climbing, zip wiringing, 3G swing, fire lighting, building shelters, backwoods cooking, crate stacking, and so on and so on and so on.

perthmom Thu 31-Jul-14 05:51:54

My 12 y/o son is computer/playstation crazy too. I restrict screen time as much as I can, and will say to him "now, go outside and do some boy stuff!" or "go outside and don't come in 'til you're dirty!" which has become a jokey thing between us, rather than the fight it was before...! He has only very recently gotten interested in soccer/sports and didn't enjoy scouts. We also live in Australia which is very heavily into sport, so you tend to stand out if you're not sporty (I'm not!). Now he's started soccer, he's actually good at it and enjoys it.
I can suggest music or drama as an alternative? One of my friend's sons isn't sporty at all, but really loves acting. An indoor rockclimbing wall? Or if you have indoor gyms, they're always great for kids. Martial arts?

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