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felt bad for my dd bless her

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moolady1977 Sun 01-Jun-14 01:11:49

thursday night my dd asked if 2 friends could sleep over on friday night (the girls are sisters) so i said yeah ok well friday morning these 2 girls 13 and 12 turned up with their little sister (8) in tow we had to go shopping so they came with us bought lunch for 7 ,then bought shopping plus picnic food for tea as they are fussy pickers then party bits for sleepover putting an extra £20 at least on shopping bill well tea went well so did dvd and party stuff but come bedtime they wouldnt settle was stupid o clock they finally nodded off and were up again at 6 ,have spent all day here with my dd and 2 ds and then come 4 o clock they take off to go play with another kid because i refused to buy ice creams from ice cream (plenty in freezer) my poor dd was so upset even offered to use her pocket money to buy ice creams i felt so bad for her she had really enjoyed it and these kids made her feel rubbish ive told her its not happening again but felt rotten for her

LastingLight Sun 01-Jun-14 12:29:39

Your poor dd. I'm a bit hmm at the parents who sent a third, uninvited child, provided no food or snacks and left the girls there from Friday morning till late afternoon on Saturday. The girls also sound a bit rude and ungrateful.

LIZS Sun 01-Jun-14 12:37:16

Sounds like it was too long for a sleepover tbh. Were you doing the parents a favour ?

moolady1977 Sun 01-Jun-14 13:04:16

no wasnt doing the parents a favour , was trying to let my dd have a sleep over but they turned up friday morning and instead of saying sorry we are going out we took them with us then saturday they were all in and out playing all frends until i put my foot down about the ice cream van

stressedtransition Sun 08-Jun-14 08:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alita7 Mon 09-Jun-14 19:47:17

Well I'm glad you put your foot down, Ice cream for 6-7 kids would have cost nearly £10 and you had some in the freezer. It all adds up especially when you spent loads on food.
Tbh the kids must have learnt their ungratefulness from their parents seeing as they thought it ok to drop them off early and send an extra child!

moolady1977 Tue 10-Jun-14 09:05:36

these kids live 3 streets away and yeah normally if if any of my 3 dcs have a sleep over its pick up or come round at a certain time but i learnt my lesson it wont be happenning again

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