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How Discipline a 10 year old

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Mitsi10 Wed 21-May-14 09:26:01

Need advice on how to discipline my 10 year old daughter
Over the Past 2 days I've found my self raising my voice and done it this morning too
I know her hormones will be all over place just now but how do I tell her off if she's done something and stuck to it
She's usually ok on Monday evening it was her attitude towards me after I told her off for getting annoyed at the laptop (was playing a game) then yesterday was pretty much the same as this morning was the attitude again

Also found she's not brushing her teeth properly or at all
I'm a single parent is there anything I can do to make her see if she acts out there's consequences


Chocotrekkie Wed 21-May-14 09:34:45

Go with the "logical consequences" of her actions with a way of her correcting it.

Won't brush her teeth - no sweets till she does it twice for 2 days.

Getting annoyed with the laptop - remove it for the rest of the night.

Being stroppy - no treats till she apologises.

My 10 yr old wasn't very good with her teeth - I got tablet things from eBay called ceeplac which show the plaque up as red which helped her concentrate on where she was missing.

DogCalledRudis Wed 21-May-14 17:33:22

We usually delay planned fun activities, e.g. cinema. Pretty staightforward -- if you're not nice, then i don't have to organize/finance your entertainment.

calai47 Wed 21-May-14 17:53:00

I am going through the same thing with my 9yr old.have to remind her to check her bag .check her teeth .check her face is clean .oh and minecraft am going to sell it back to moment ive taken tv out of her room and no tv and kindle ,ds .she has too learn to have respect and not be rude to me .am single mum .

Mitsi10 Fri 23-May-14 10:55:42

Thanks for the replys had a good chat with her the other day so far things seem to be ok but I know that wil change quickly lol


Euphemia Fri 23-May-14 19:02:18

I've just taken DD (11)'s iPod and phone off her for being cheeky and ungrateful. She's doing her homework! grin

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