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Skincare for 9 year old prepubescent DD

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runningbug2 Thu 01-May-14 20:00:22

Reaching out to any mothers who are / have been in similar situation.

DD has been under the paediatrician for the early stages of puberty since she was 7.5. Recently she's been coming out in little spots / white heads. DD is extremely conscious about said spots so I was encouraged to look into a gentle face wash. I didn't reallly want to go down the clearasil / antibac route for fear of making things worse but after researching (which proved difficult -given her age, all products seem to be for teens / adults) I stumbled across the newish brand AMIE (picked up in JL) which seemed to offer hope. DD has been using for a couple of days but I'm not convinced - she is 9, 10 in September but I'm worrying that exposing her skin to anything other than water is the wrong way to go. Equally is it not better to try encourage the right skincare routine before her face potentially gets worse over the coming years? Arghh.

Advice greatly appreciated.

NecklessMumster Thu 01-May-14 20:06:32

I would be interested in this ds is older , 11 but is getting some blemishes and blackheads on his little babyface but the skincare I've looked at all seems too harsh or inappropriate

BehindLockNumberNine Thu 01-May-14 20:09:41

Dd is eleven. She too is beginning to get a few spots / blackheads. I bought the Simple Spotless facewash for her. She uses it once a week, the rest of the week uses just water. It seems to work for now (have noticed a reduction in the amount of little spots erupting)

I suffered badly with acne, so does 14 year old ds. I worry about dd...

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 01-May-14 20:53:57

My 10year old DD uses the Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash neutral pH, she loves the fruity smell and on her skin it does a great job.

JennyWren Fri 09-May-14 00:34:36

I have just bought my 9 year old DD some entry-level facewash, and we quickly realised that she was having trouble because she couldn't get a small enough quantity out of the squeezy tube. I bought her a travel-size pump bottle and that is perfect - one pump is enough, and rinsing with fresh water. She wanted to try it because she'd started getting some spots, but after using it she was getting a rash - now we've sorted out how much she is using, she's able to rinse it off thoroughly and she's fine.

I suppose that I should look into getting her some moisturiser to go with it, but I thought that one product at a time was best. she hasn't complained of any tightness or dryness, so I'll hang fire for a while, I think.

ArrivedAtPanicStation Mon 12-May-14 01:31:19

DD started getting spots last year, just in her t - zone. They have become such a problem.

She seems to have a reaction to mist face washes. she had such a bad one last week I've decided to give up on them.

She's now using the clean and clear blackhead cleanser. Working well so far.

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