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8 year old changing...

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Rachel135 Sun 20-Apr-14 16:21:59

I'm new to this site and I'm hoping some of you are going to be able to say, yep, that's normal!
My 8 year old has been like a teenager for at least a year, I know she has hormones going through her body and is learning to deal with them.
Recently, maybe the last couple of weeks she's been showing signs of exploring, wriggling around on the sofa with hands between her legs, has taken more of an interest in my boobs too, poking them (which I say not to do)
She's never shown signs of touching herself before and I know children do it, have seen them for myself (work with young children) but I have no experience with 8 year olds (other than having my daughter obviously) is it normal for this sort of behaviour to start at this age?
I've noticed that she's started to get bumps on her chest (little boobs) again, is that normal for her age? - wish I could remember back to being her age!
Thank you.

Rachel135 Mon 21-Apr-14 06:50:40


Lonecatwithkitten Mon 21-Apr-14 10:33:21

It's not uncommon at this age my DD was similar. I have a rule that touching an wriggling can only be done in the privacy of your own bedroom. DD also developed first breast buds at that age and we switched from vests to crop tops, but it has only been in the last few weeks (she is now 10) that they have become breast and the lovely ladies on the bra intervention thread gave me advice on what size she is and where to buy from.

Purplesu68 Mon 21-Apr-14 12:45:21

Can you tell me where the bra invention thread is my 9 year old has firm buds and is wearing crop tops but I think in couple months may need to go for bras. Thank you

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 21-Apr-14 13:22:44

Style and Beauty for bra intervention post there and the lovely ladies will help yougrin.

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