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Eating like a pig at 11???

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newsandreviews Tue 15-Apr-14 10:50:29

DS is 11 and I feel like I have spent my entire life going on at him for eating like a f'ing pig... sorry, really angry about it right now.

We always sit down to eat together. He holds the knife and fork properly.. just... but its all over his fingers, his face, the table. He stuffs food in, cuts pieces that are too big so goes over his face.. and then swipes at his face and nose with his sleeve or hand. He gulps his drink down so loudly that the next door neighbours could probably hear.

I have tried being kind, helpful, lots of praise but it is always the same and I now just want to whack him one with a wooden spoon or something.

It is so seriously disgusting I am utterly embarrassed if we have to eat with anyone else there.


HolidayCriminal Tue 15-Apr-14 11:03:51

My middle DS is like this, sigh, not the other 3 DC, just the middle boy. Arrgh. You must have some kind of leverage? Look for improvement, not a full cure.

PigletJohn Tue 15-Apr-14 11:10:02

I've heard that sitting opposite a mirror, with a friend, helps.

HolidayCriminal Tue 15-Apr-14 13:36:43

assuming they have any friends.

GallstoneCowboy Tue 15-Apr-14 13:49:09

Consequences. Of he can't eat nicely then the meal gets taken away. Or no pudding. Or no xbox. Or whatever works.

I have zero tolerance for piggish manners. I can't stand seeing kids in restaurants who have clearly been dragged up.

No need for it and excuse for it.

newsandreviews Tue 15-Apr-14 14:27:30

Pure laziness I think. When he has food over his face I make him go and look in the mirror and ask what he thinks. He normally says gross.

Wooden spoon here I come.........

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Tue 15-Apr-14 14:32:11

you don't need a wooden spoon. Put less on his plate. If he's still hungry after he's eaten everything, only give him more if he hasn't made a mess.

newsandreviews Wed 16-Apr-14 08:24:20

Oh my word, couldn't give him less.... he is sooooo hungry all the time, which is probably part of it

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Wed 16-Apr-14 08:45:10

that's my point. He's probably eating quickly (and making a mess) because he's hungry. He needs to learn to slow down and eat in a civilized way. I'm not saying you should feed him less. Just feed him smaller amounts at one time, and only give him more if he's eaten what he's had properly. Going hungry for a few hours wont kill him you know, and he'll soon learn.

PigletJohn Wed 16-Apr-14 11:16:22

People say that having a biscuit before dinner spoils your appetite.

Try that, perhaps he will not be so ravenous.

HolidayCriminal Wed 16-Apr-14 15:03:31

I had DS9 publicly tirading this afternoon because I made him wash face & hands (had chips & a Mars bars before that). He was so minging.

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