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need help with ds1. 12 next week.

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mamicar Mon 14-Apr-14 11:46:13

I am so close to cancelling his birthday. he never listens. hes been banned from technology for two weeks now. but dh caught him out searching for porn on dhs laptop at 3am. all password protected now. this was the reason he had his phone taken off him. hes been on homework report since sept. though that is to help him. hes drawing on walls, throwing wet toilet paper at the ceiling, pissing about with shampoos etc in the bathroom. pretty much all the things that 3-4 yr olds do to test the boundaries.

no punishment seems to work. sad

I also have two younger ds' who both have adhd. ds1 doesnt. though he does have dyspraxia and poor auditory processing memory. but I dont know whether I can keep using that as an excuse for his behaviour.

help! currently trying the "act like a toddler ill treat you like one" and hes sat on a chair where I can see him. after I lost it n screamed at him. sad

LastingLight Mon 14-Apr-14 18:59:08

Maybe post on the Special Needs board.

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