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Fabulously gross books for boys!

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thelonergans Fri 04-Apr-14 08:37:00

We always struggle to find suitable books for bedtime for our rather deliciously gross 5 year old twin boys, so when I stumbled upon this book on Amazon I thought we'd give it a go. They too share the rather digusting habbit Harvey in the book has, well, one eats his, the other creates wall art next to his bed with his by-product. So to find a book ALL ABOUT BOGEYS, brilliantly written, fabulous illustrations, it has become the chosen "again, again" bedtime read, it's rare to find a book we laugh out loud with, even as the narrators!! Need to find some more, any ideas?

Innogen Fri 04-Apr-14 17:13:44

Rory Doyle books were a fave with mine at that age. All about poo!

Innogen Fri 04-Apr-14 17:13:54

Roddy Doyle, sorry.

Innogen Fri 04-Apr-14 17:15:45

Should have given way more info, sorry! Roddy Doyles The Giggler Treatment is the one to start with, then the series follows the protagonist, Rover the dog. Excellent, laugh out loud, reading.

OwlCapone Fri 04-Apr-14 17:17:44

And you joined MN just to post this cut-and-paste review from Amazon...

thelonergans Fri 04-Apr-14 18:39:45

Errrr no actually , just joined because I wanted some more good ideas of books to read and loved this book so much, often used mumsnet for advice etc, but never posted anything as a busy mum.....and OwlCapone, it's catty comments like yours that have proved my previous distrust of entering into a diologue on sites like these, do you know of any good reads or just miaowing?

thelonergans Fri 04-Apr-14 19:00:08

Thank you for a "helpfull" suggestion, have ordered "The Giggler Treatment" looks suitably gross!!!

JonSnowKnowsNothing Fri 04-Apr-14 19:02:01

Just for boys?

MicrochipsAndMemories Fri 04-Apr-14 19:05:21

Yes Jon, girls can't laugh about boggies you know.

dementedma Mon 05-May-14 19:38:17

For Dcs a wee bit older the Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton are sheer laugh out load brilliance. Start with You're a bad man,Mr Gum.
Probably 8 years old and up.Even make my older teens laugh.

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