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10 year old daughter has a bad attitude any advice

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Mitsi10 Sun 30-Mar-14 20:45:15

I'm guessing it's her hormones that are making her go like this
It's just the 2 of us and she can be real nasty at times telling me to shut up refusing to listen when I try to reason with her gets angry quite easy at the littlest of things the list is endless
I know she can behave and be nice I've seen it

We have moved from my parents house to our own place thought she might calm down a bit what with having her own space

Anything I can do to make things easy I feel like I'm doing things wrong

missymayhemsmum Sun 30-Mar-14 22:14:33

When something changes, kids push the boundaries. Every time. Decide what your new house rules are and set the boundaries of what behaviour you will accept and what consequences you impose. Reassure her of your love and especially if you think it's mostly hormones (and it could well be) then try to keep calm and not rise to it when she pushes your buttons (and she will) and accept that she is not in control of her emotions, but she is responsible for her behaviour.
Find out how she is at school. Is she all over the place emotionally with everyone or is it just for your benefit?
Is she testing who's in charge now you're in your own house? In my parents house my kids always behaved according to grandma's rules, and gave me hell once we were home until they had pushed me to shouting and rediscovered what they could get away with. (Even the flipping dog recognised my mother as the ranking female and would sit on command!)
Is she getting a healthy diet (try multiminerals if she's fussy)/ enough sleep/ enough exercise/ not too much teen telly? I suggest you have a think and check through what has changed for her since you moved. Is she missing her grandparents?

Oh, and open a bottle and punch a pillow when she's gone to bed, obviously.
Good luck

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