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parents having sex

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butterflyfish Tue 18-Mar-14 22:56:34

My 11 yr old daughter can't stand the thought of her father and I having sex.we have very recently had the "sex talk"with her and she understands and accepts sex but can't handle the fact that her parents do it.she tries to use it against us saying that part of her disrespectful behavior towards us is because we have sex.she stays awake at night to try and catch us out and monitors our bedroom door waiting for it to close so she can carry on about us having sex stating that it keeps her awake even though she should be asleep at this hour.I respect my children and always close and lock our bedroom door at appropriate hours,we do not make any noise and basically tip toe around to the point that we are so paranoid that she will knock on our door every 5 minutes because she wants to bust us,half the time its not even worth it and this has affected my partners and i relationship.when she thinks we are having sex she will make up any excuse to get out of bed or knock on our door ,mind you this is after 11 oclock at night.she is now even resorting to accuse us of having sex and keeping her awake even when we are not doing anything.i sit her down to talk sensibly about sex and she can be very mature and accepting but then turns around and uses it against us making us feel bad when she wants to get away with her typical pre teen bad behaviour.i dont know what to do im thinking that counciling may help?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 31-Mar-14 12:33:57

I agree with precious's post, put your foot down. Naughty madam!

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