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Cleanser and shampoo recommendations for 10 yo girl?

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CocktailQueen Sat 22-Feb-14 22:39:29

Dd is starting to get some spots and I wondered if now would be a good time to introduce a gentle cleanser.

I also thinks she needs to change from kids shampoo to adults or one for preteens- if there is such a thing!

Can anyone recommend either?


BrennanHasAMangina Sat 22-Feb-14 22:45:51

Cetaphil is really good for all ages. Very gentle, non-irritating and non-comedogenic. It's also inexpensive and would probably be available at Boots, I'd think? DD (12) is going through quite a greasy hair phase and I've found that Head and Shoulders (for fine hair) seems to work better than anything else. The real challenge is getting her to have a daily shower...I feel like I'm constantly nagging her!

CocktailQueen Mon 24-Feb-14 09:51:20

Oh, yes, I have to do that sometimes too!
Thanks smile

Madmog Mon 24-Feb-14 15:14:28

My daughter uses simple face wash and this seems to help. Also helps even more if she washes her face every day instead of forgetting! She likes to use Herbel Essences shampoo and conditioner (and reckon many of her friends have swapped over to it as they love the texture and shine of her hair).

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