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Worried about non conformist DS (11), called "weirdo" by other kids

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DS1 has always been his own person. He seems immune to peer pressure, does not care about being cool, and has his own, absurd, sense of humour.

We had a friend of his to play yesterday, and I overheard him ask DS " everyone thinks you are WEIRD, in our class" to which DS replied " so what?".

Even his teacher says he is an "odd" boy with a Monthy Pytonesque sense if humour, which the other kids don't get. He laughs at his own jokes...

He seems to genuinely not care what other kids think and just pursues his own interests.

Do any of you have kids like that, and if so, how did /do they fare at secondary. ? Bit worried on his behalf. He feels emotions strongly but does not show them. He is also bad at reading other people's emotions/feelings.

His two best friends are autistic, they make up the current year 6 group of " odd bods" ( not my words but my friends!). But they are going to different schools.

How do these kind of boys turn out?

(PS, I don't think he is weird at all, I just know that is how he is perceived IYSWIM )

So, come and tell me great stories about your. "Weirdo" kids please!

Nice to hear from others with kids like this.

DS likes violin ( but not going through the grades as he gets sick with nerves, literally sick, as in throwing up).

My other DS loves football and is popular, it is such a different world.

sicily1921 Wed 05-Mar-14 16:25:34

bunbaker she reminds me of my DD with the book thing and investing in friendshops, I hope she finds some good ones ( still waiting for my DD)sad

Op your son sounds lovely, hopefully he will stay strong and be happy being himself

sicily1921 Wed 05-Mar-14 16:26:44

opps meant friendships although a friendshop might not be a bad idea!

aprilanne Wed 05-Mar-14 17:06:12

my youngest son has his own unique sense of style .does,nt like joining in and is percieved by most an odd ball .he has aspergers .not that i am suggesting your son has it but it may explain some strangeness be honest if your son is happy who cares what others think .

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