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when having the chat about periods etc did anyone use an App to help it along?

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moooodlum Sun 19-Jan-14 08:54:32

My mum used a book called "have you started yet" - even the thought of it makes me cringe - but I wondered last night about whether there was an app that was good. I had a look at the app store and found a couple (how my saturday nights have changed) but thought I would ask if anyone could recommend one.

DD is 9 btw but hitting puberty like a brick wall...

Sharingeverything Sun 19-Jan-14 09:03:02

Didn't use an app but this book has been great My dd just turned 10 is the same.

moooodlum Sun 19-Jan-14 09:09:59

Thanks, I'll order that - I feel I need to grasp the nettle today though, so I might have to find an app as well..

earpiece Sat 25-Jan-14 20:05:26

Found it easiest, for me at least (by the way, 10 yr old non identical twins started periods same day, same month) wrong or right!? found it easiest to take it relaxed and easy, start off with any questions, then lead with light hearted own experiences, how you dealt with it, once you personalise the whole period experience, such as here is how Mom dealt with it, funny girl episodes, it makes it into a fun girl chat rather then a deep lecture. Good sites are also available for the tech bio stuff, but I do find that informal one to one chats are best, keep it lighthearted and let the girls know mom has been through this and it shows what a big mature girl you are. Yes, stress the inconvenience and the annoyance, but also you are not alone in that millions of young women around the world are going through the very same thing day after day; and they do not have mug mothers having to buy the sanitary towels with the weekly shop. by the way; when is too soon to introduce tampons for young girls? always my preferred method, yet my 11 year old babies, I am reluctant to suggest, any tips?

earpiece Sat 25-Jan-14 20:15:15

Just thought; did not refer to the app dilemma. Did not need to, just talk to your daughter. So much nicer having the information from your mother rather then an 'app'. Maybe that is just my opinion!.

earpiece Sat 25-Jan-14 20:41:15

When is it ok for mums to date? have devoted myself to dds since finishing with their father 7 years ago. Yet while daddy is on his 2nd marriage with 2 more brothers from another mother mummy (me) is seen as the sacrosanct Virgin Mary, here on earth purely to be mummy. My 11 year old girls gag at the thought of mum having a boyfriend which makes me feel girls come first until they are old enough not to care. Yet Dad can marry and remarry to his hearts content. And they adore him. Yet I cannot break the chain, still Mum and kids come first. Turned down so many offers, cannot link being Mum with being girlfriend too. WHY????

mummy1973 Sat 01-Feb-14 20:42:44

My dd is 9 and ds 6. They both know about periods because I've always discussed as and when they have asked things. So "Is that a nappy in your nickers?" turned into an explanation about periods! I recently had my implant taken out so it was an ideal time to talk about contraception and periods came up again. It is quite handy having a boy and a girl as there have been many questions at bath time! There is an Usbourne book about growing up which covers loads that is good.

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