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Bras, boobs, and someone add a B word that I can't think of right now

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Flamesparrow Tue 14-Jan-14 19:00:14

DD1 is 10, 11 in May. Went from very slight bumps to what can only really be described as pointy areola a couple of months ago. Looking at her tonight, she is in very definite rounded boob shaped territory.

When are they meant to start wearing bras? confused Is there a "when under breasts measures x less than around breasts" type deal?

She is very "young" in many ways, I have her in crop tops atm, and I can't see her expressing any desire to go into bras until she is nudged into it. It wouldn't occur to her if she is in secondary school surrounded by bras whilst she is still in crop tops iyswim, so going with "when she's ready" probably isn't the best option.

I don't want her in them earlier than she needs to be as I know she'll have a long time ahead of her in the things, but at the same time I don't want her lacking support if she needs it, just because I don't want to admit that my baby is rapidly growing up.

Dunno if any of that made sense?

mrscumberbatch Tue 14-Jan-14 19:09:01

I'd get her the soft cup bras that are basically crop tops with clips once she starts high school.

Unless she has a big growth spurt beforehand.

If she mentions it to you beforehand then take her shopping, otherwise just buy them as part of her big girl school uniform if you feel the need

Idohaveoneofthese Wed 15-Jan-14 13:33:30

I bought my DD1 bralets from Marks before Xmas, got a couple of different sizes i.e. 28AA and 30AA, let her try them on and she has been fine with them. I talked to her about the skin above the boobs getting stretched unless she was properly supported. She was 10 and turned 11 this month,

ilovepowerhoop Wed 15-Jan-14 13:39:39

measure under the breasts and measure around the fullest part. The under bust measurement is the bra back size. the difference between the 2 figures is the cup size. I don't know if anyone is ever a AA cup size as that means both measurements are the same.

each inch difference between the figures gives cup size e.g AA - figures are the same, A - 1 inch different, B- 2 inch diff, C-3inch, D-4inch, etc

FoxMulder Wed 15-Jan-14 13:42:50

I never did make the move into bras, I'm still in cropped tops! But then, I never grew breasts either.

Flamesparrow Wed 15-Jan-14 23:41:54

Lol Fox!!

I like the uniform idea. It is the kind of method that would work well with her.

I'll measure her too, the skin stretching/support is something she'd "get" too.

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