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Never enough

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wallypops Tue 07-Jan-14 20:04:02

My about to be 8 year old DD has been offered various choices for her birthday "party". I suggested taking a few friends to either the cinema or skating, but while she likes the idea she said that the problem with them is that she would then only get a few presents. So she'd rather have a big party based on what she would get out it. I hate this, and I while it might be normal to have this as an internal thought at 8, the fact that she talks like this is upsetting. At christmas, she pretty much counted her presents under the tree daily and we had huge sulks if she thought her elder sister had got more than her. It makes me not want to bother, as it is never enough to satisfy her. Any advice on tackling this would be much appreciated.

LastingLight Wed 08-Jan-14 06:45:11

Tell her she can have x number of guests and if she sulks about it, no party at all.

2kidsintow Sat 11-Jan-14 17:26:15

We've always been open with our DDs (past a certain age) that if they have a big party then they will have a smaller main present and if they have a smaller party then they can have a bigger present. They are always told what the limit would be on the parties (basically whatever I can get at that venue for approx £100).

For us, however, it worked the other way. DD1 is naturally a quiet personality and isn't very outgoing. She stopped having big (10 kids) parties at age 7 and didn't would have just a friend or two to do something instead.... and she knew she could ask for a DS or whatever that year.

wallypops Sun 12-Jan-14 09:41:24

LastingLight that's what I did.
2kidsintow - I like that solution.

I have come up with a solution, and it has turned out that she has decided to limit those coming. I have asked the local riding centre where she and her DD1 have lessons if they would be willing to organise a mounted treasure hunt. They have agreed - and I have gained cool mummy status - and they are happy because of course it is a very marketable idea!! And my DD has decided to limit invites to those that can ride - and has only invited 5 people. As it is v short notice, and at a rather weird time - morning and not afternoon they may not all be able to come.

LastingLight Sun 12-Jan-14 13:47:27

As a rider myself I think that's an awesome idea! Hope they enjoy it lots.

2kidsintow Sun 12-Jan-14 13:58:39

Sounds fun. Fab Mummy status much deserved. smile

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