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Lunch ideas for DD(11) with new braces

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MomOfTwoGirls2 Tue 07-Jan-14 10:43:27

Help! DD1(11) got braces for first time during Christmas holidays. Both top and bottom teeth. She is just up to wearing them 24 hours in past few days.

Yesterday, she ate just a tomato for lunch. The rest came back home.
She said her teeth were sore, that she didn't want to take out her braces, and that she wanted something that she could eat while she was playing in the school yard.

We are going to try freeze a frube, and sent that tomorrow. She won't eat yogurt unless it is cold.

I am stuck for other ideas - does anybody have any suggestions?
Something easy to eat with new braces, and that can be eaten on the go.

Also, since she is eating so little during lunch, short term, would a bottle of chocolate Yazoo be better than a bottle of 40% orange juice/60% water?

CQ Tue 07-Jan-14 10:49:37

A carton of milk would be better than all that sugary stuff, and would help fill her up.

My DD liked to make a 'dip' of peanut butter mixed with nat yoghurt, and dip soft fruit like bananas and strawberries in it - quite filling and not too much chewing needed.

Is it the chewing that's the problem, or stuff getting stuck in her braces?

MomOfTwoGirls2 Tue 07-Jan-14 11:13:07

At the moment, I think problem is both chewing and stuff getting stuck in her braces. Once she gets used to them, I think it will be the latter.

Unfortunately, she wont drink milk. Only water, orange juice, chocolate milk and hot chocolate. I think I'll try a home made chocolate milk made from chilled hot chocolate. At least that would have plenty of fresh milk in it.

She doesn't like peanut butter. But other dips might work.

TeenAndTween Tue 07-Jan-14 14:37:47

With DD's fixed appliances she was recommended to mainly stick to water, not fizzy / fruit juices.
Should get better as she gets used to them.
Have you tried pain killers to help over the first days?

LastingLight Tue 07-Jan-14 16:31:22

Can you put in a small ice pack next to the yogurt?

MomOfTwoGirls2 Tue 07-Jan-14 21:53:21

Thanks to all for your comments and advice.

I never thought of pain killers, but I think she is over the worst now. She did much better today.

I have some ice-packs in my freezer, that might work better than freezing the frube. I'll give it a go.

I'll stick with watered down juice rather than chocolate drink. It is probably best to start as I mean to go on.

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